Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Diaper Rookies

I had no idea that my wife has only changed one diaper in her life. One! Add that to the ZERO diapers that I have changed in my life and I'd have to say that we are in for a real treat! LOL

Scared? No. We are ready for the two new little adventures and the life of parenthood. It is something we have talked about even before we got married almost four years ago. At the time, having twins was just a dream. Never did we ever think it would become a reality.

The shit storm is coming.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My kids will play as many sports as possible and then I will let them choose their path on their own. I can't say that I will push them in any specific direction, but I hope that they both decide to try out a lot of different sports and make the decision on their own. Obviously, my dream would be for them both to become professionals and make a boat load of money.

As long as they are happy with what they are doing, that is all that matters. I am not going to force them into anything or be one of those parents who tries to live their own dreams through their kids. No thanks.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 10 & Week 18 pics

Here is a week 10 pic of them both:

Here are two week 18 pics both of baby B (soon to be known as the more photogenic one):

Thumbs up!

5 toes!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nintendo 3DS and/or ipad?

Is this something I should be buying my kids in a year or two? Game systems are time suckers, but they sure are fun.

Are they educational? Can kids learn from them? I see that the ipad can read books to your children for you. Is that a good thing?

Gotta keep up.

Friday, June 25, 2010

B baby

B baby was punchin' away yesterday. It's always right after dinner. Both A & B love to roll over and move a lot. Sounds a lot like Mom & Dad really. We both are not very sound sleepers.

It is so surreal to feel a baby kick through and "touch" your hand as it rests on Mom's belly. So cool!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Numb Feet

Sometimes my wife freaks me out a little with her sudden complaints of aches and pains. My first reaction is either "let's get to the hospital" or "just relax, you are fine".

This added stress is not for the weak. I find myself worrying about her for no reason when I am at work, and wondering what the next pain or ache will be. There are times when I am scared that everything will not go according to plan.

Last night it was numb feet. So I called my favorite doctor - Google - and found out that it was completely natural at various stages of pregnancy.

These babies could come out as soon as the 32nd week according to the obgyn. That is the first goal, keep them in for 32 weeks. The next goal will be 35. Which means we could be changing diapers before August is over...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They could still be identical

After our first visit with the OBGYN yesterday we found out that there is a still chance that the kids could be identical. Crazy! We thought that it wasn't a possibility any more because they were seperated by a membrane in Mom's belly. It's all too technical for me, all I know is there's still a chance... which means they would most likely be two girls.

I remember when we found out we were having twins. Right before we went for our first ultrasound in week 10 we were in the waiting room and I said to mom "what if there is twins?"

Mom replied with "then we have to move!" LOL

After further discussion we decided that we wouldn't have to move, but that things would definitely take another twist in the whole "planning for a baby" aspect of things. Now there are two! Which means two of EVERYTHING.

Obviously they can't be identical if there is one boy and one girl. We thought that this was the case a while back because of the difference in speeds of their heart rates.

Only time will tell, we are still committed to it being a surprise.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I am an even keal guy. I rarely get way up or way down when it comes to emotions. I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve more than most guys out there but when the pressure is on, I can handle it well. I relish in the challenge.

This whole thing about having babies soon is something I've never experienced before. I have all these stressful feelings wondering if I will be able to be the guy I want to be. The Father, the Dad and most importantly - the friend. This will be my toughest task.

I feel an immense amount of pressure coming on. Having to provide for two more people feels like such a huge task. One that I know I will succeed at but I'm just unclear on how.

I have such wonderful friends and family that it certainly does ease the worrying. My wife's family is equally as supportive and together we will handle this with the utmost courage and care. I look forward to the challenge. It will be the toughest most daunting task of my life. I'm starting to realize why I am here now. It is for them.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Teeny Tiny Clothes

We keep getting given the random gifts. They are all going to be a huge help but I keep thinking about the tiny tiny stuff for super newbies. I mean we shouldn't get too much of that stuff. Half the time they will be naked because they just shit themselves again and the rest of the time they will be swaddled and sleeping together like they are still in Mom's belly.

Father's Day was really weird for me yesterday. While I couldn't help but think about being a Father myself, I also couldn't help but think about another year passing me by where I don't have any relationship whatsoever with my own. It was a bit depressing but the good stuff definitely outweighed the bad. I didn't think about him much and instead focused on our family and the two new babies that are probably only 2.5 months away now.

My Aunt is here from Australia (the good one) and she came over last night for dinner as well. It was a really nice time to have my Nana in the same room as my Mom's younger (better) sister and my Mom. They are 10 years apart and they still don't get along like they should. Often it is a bit uncomfortable as they continuously try to take (un)obvious jabs at each other.

Nonetheless, it was an awesome day that was filled with cleaning our house and watching golf all day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Unhealthy Eating

I have terrible eating habits. I know this and I don't do anything about it. I keep telling myself it is only temporary while my wife and I gain baby weight together. Some call it sympathy weight. I just call it being lazy. We rarely eat salads anymore and I am eating way more fast food then I ever had. I had Wendy's yesterday for lunch. I always get the small meal deal but the killer is the fries. It's just such junk and it is making me fat.

Today I had McDonald's for breakfast. Get a clue! So lazy. I usually make toast for breakfast but even then I slop on some cheese or peanut butter. I am going to be a tank soon if I don't watch it. Drinking beer doesn't help either.

I need to make some changes once these kids pop out. I need to excercise more and eat right.

Let's do this.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby A moved for me too

It was so surreal. There is a little person in there, actually there are two. We think baby A is a girl but it really doesn't matter. Baby A poked something or rolled over. Whatever it was, it was amazing to feel that little person inside of my wife let us know that he/she is growing daily and really wants to get this party started!

Week 24 will start on Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I get so nervous about the future now. I get worried that I won't be able to make ends meet. Having to buy all of this baby stuff is scary, knowing that I am the only one who will be bringing in a pay cheque for the next year. Sure, the wife will be on unemployement but really that money will only pay for diapers. I heard something about people back in the day using cloth diapers. That is gross. Having to wash shit off and then reuse the diapers later that week. No thanks.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I felt Baby B move

Baby B is on the left side of Mom. Every once in a while after I kiss Mom the baby will kick or move around. Both A and B have been known to do this. Yesterday was the first time that I actually felt it through the belly. It was pretty frickin' sweet!

It was just a light little tap that almost felt like a hicup. Maybe it was. Whatever it was, it was awesome and I can't wait to feel more. This "becoming a father" thing is becoming more real each day.

Can't wait.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mini Van for Twins

One of the many things on my plate right now is trying to find a good (used) mini van to cart around the future little schaubabies. I've decided that we are going to get a Honda Odyssey. We want a van that can seat 7 people so that we can drive more than just our family of four if needed. This Honda has a rear seat that folds into the floor. Exactly what we are looking for!

Here are some other options:

Heated Mirrors
Intermittent Wipers
Keyless Entry
Power: Mirrors
Power: Trunk
Rear Spoiler
Rear Window Defroster
Rear Window Wiper
Roof Rack

Climate: Air Conditioning
Climate: Cabin Air Filtration
Climate: Rear Air
Compass & Temperature Gauge
Cruise Control
Cup Holders: Front
Cup Holders: Rear
Digital Clock
Floor Console
Floor Mats: Carpet
Floor Mats: OEM
Height Adjustable Seats
Map Light
Media: AM/FM Radio Tuner
Media: CD Changer
Media: Compact Disc Player
Power: Locks
Power: Windows
Seat(s): Fold Up
Seat(s): Center Arm Rest
Seat(s): Heated
Seat(s): Power
Seat(s): Third Row
Telescopic Steering Wheel
Tilt Steering
Upholstery: Leather
Vanity Mirrors

Brakes: 4-Wheel Disc Brakes
Drive: Front Wheel Drive
Engine: Cylinders 06
Power: Brakes
Power: Steering
Transmission: 5 Speed
Transmission: Automatic

3 Point Rear Seat Belts
Air Bags: Driver Safety Air Bag
Air Bags: Passenger Safety Air Bags
Air Bags: Side Safety Air Bags
Brakes: Anti-Lock Brake System
Daytime Running Lights
Driver Information Centre
Electronic Stability Control
Head Restraint
Security System
Steering Wheel Audio Controls
Tires: Compact Spare
Traction Control

The price is the issue though. How the heck am I going to afford another $300 a month for a car payment? This isn't getting any easier and I suspect it will only get harder with each and every day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Twins 3 months away

I've never changed a diaper in my life. Heck, I've rarely looked in that general direction while things like that are happening. I can't describe the feeling right now as I think about how drastically my life is going to change. Instantly.


Lots of poop.